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2023 Ashland County Fair Photo's & Events List

Please if you have any pictures of events that I don't have posted please email them to to have every event covered.


9 a.m.-Jr. Fair Market Steer Showmanship Show-C

9 a.m.-Open Class Rabbit Show (Show & Go) - SW

12 noon-Opening Ceremonies -P

12:30 p.m.-Jr. Fair King/Queen Contest-P

1:30 p.m. -The Warrior (Gospel) - P

2 p.m.-Parade of Bands-G

4 p.m.-Jr. Fair Poultry Show-SWP

4 p.m.-Kiddie Tractor Pull-P

4 p.m.-K-9 Demonstration-C (Need Photo's)

5 p.m.-Women's Skillet Throw -C

6 p.m.-Never Surrender (Rock) - P

6:30 p.m.-OSTPA Tractor Pull -G

7 p.m.-Jr. Fair Market Steer Show-C (Need Photo's)


Antique Judging

Honey Results

Domestic Culinary Arts

Ashland County Fair Grain Seed Potato/Vegetable Show

Ashland County Fair Youth Hobby Show

The Adult Hobby Show

Ashland County Fair Flower Show 2023


(Free Meal for Veterans 12 p.m.-6 p.m. )

8:30 a.m.-Jr. Fair Market Lamb Show-C

Jr. Fair Breeding Sheep Show

9 a.m.-Jr. Fair Dairy Showmanship, followed by Jr. Dairy Show and Open Class Dairy Show-C

9 a.m.-Jr. Fair Rabbit Show-SP

10 a.m.-Open Class Poultry Show-OP

10:45 a.m.-Walk of Honor-Begin at Veteran's Bldg.

11 a.m.-Veteran's Service- By Hospice of NC Ohio-P

12 Noon-Harness Racing (Pari-Mutuel)-G

3 p.m.-Jr. Fair Saddle Horse Show-C

6 p.m.-Human Antique Tractor Pull-Draft Horse Barn

6 p.m.-Jr. Fair Small Animal Costume Contest-SWP

6 p.m.-Harness Racing (Pari-Mutuel)-G

7 p.m.- Lincoln Highway (Bluegrass)-P


(Fun Times in Pavilion 10am-4p.m.)

8 a.m.-Draft Horse/Pony Halter Show-C

8:30 a.m.-Jr. Fair Market Hog Show- SW

10 a.m.-Euchre (Age 60 and over)

12:00 p.m.-The Warrior (Gospel)-P

12 Noon-Draft Horse/Pony Hitch Show-C

2 p.m.-Sr. King/Queen Contest-P

3:30p.m. David A. Brizius Magician (Firefighter Dave)

6 p.m.-Jr. Fair Baby Beef Show-C

7 p.m. On the Edge of illusion-Comedian/Magician (Need Photo's)

7 p.m.-JOE NICHOLS Concert (Country)-G

Special Guest-Emily Ann Roberts


[Special Programs 9 a.m.-5 p.m.-Pavilion)

9 a.m.-Jr. Fair Saddle Horse Show-C 9 a.m.-

Jr. Fair Dairy/Meat Market Goat Show-SWP

Followed by Jr. Fair Pygmy/Fiber/Pack/Harness-Goat

9 a.m.-Open Class Sheep Show-New Sheep Pavilion

7 p.m.-Diamond J Rodeo-G

7 p.m.-Top Rail Band (Bluegrass) - P


8:30 a.m.-Jr. Fair Breeding Beef Show-C 8:30 a.m.-Jr. Fair Beef & Dairy Feeder Show-C Followed by Open Class Beef Show

10 a.m.-Diaper Derby-P

1:30 p.m.-Toddlers Foot Race-P

3:30 p.m. -Livestock Auction

Market Rabbit -C

Market Turkey -C

Market Chicken-C

Dairy Benefit - C

5 p.m.-4-H Horse Fun Show-Paddock

6 p.m.-Motocross-G

6:00 p.m. Auction-Market Steer, Then Baby Beef -C

7 p.m.-Tom's Kitchen Table-(Mix-Country to Rock)-P

8 p.m.-Little International Showmanship-SWP (New)


8:30 a.m.-Auction-Market Hog -C 11:00 a.m. Auction- Dairy & Meat) Market Goat

followed by Market Lamb

11 a.m.-Small Car Race (2 to 4 Year Old) -P

1:30 to 4:30 p.m.-COSI-Science Live-P

4:30 p.m.-Stock Tractor Pull-G

(Antique Tractor Parade Prior Stock Tractor Pull)

7 p.m.-Draft Pony Pull-C

7 p.m.-Laredo (Mix-Country to Rock) -P


9 a.m.-Open Goat Show- (Show & Go)-SP

10 a.m.-4-H Dog Show -C

10 a.m.-Open Draft Horse & Pony Hitch Show-G

1 p.m. - Aidan Albaugh (Country) -P

2 p.m.-Auction-Wood Carver-Buckeye Triangle

Pie in the Face

4 p.m.-Backseat Driver contest G

4 p.m.-4-H Baked Goods Auction-V

6 p.m.-Demolition Derby-G

7 p.m.-Callunaw Redneck Band (Country to Rock) -P

7 p.m.-Square Dance/Line Dancing-Byers Bldg.

C=Coliseum, SW=Swine Pavilion, RB-Rabbit Barn, OP=Open Poultry Bldg., JP=Jr. Fair Poultry Bldg., OSB-Open Sheep Bar, G=Grandstand, P=Pavilion,

V=Veteran's Building, SHP=New Sheep Pavilion

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