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About Us

Quality news, where you want it, when you want it.

Welcome to the Ashland County Pictures Page, we cover events in Ashland County or if it has something to do with Ashland County.

Our format is to have many pictures and video where possible to cover all angles of the News.


We welcome everyone and ask that you keep your comments tasteful, and respectful to all.

You are welcome to post your pictures or video in the comment section, but keep in mind not to post victims and remain respectful at all times.

Please if you have an event or see News happing please send a message or email of what and where the event or news is to take place.

Ashland is a great city with great people and we love to promote it every chance we get.


Editor Jennifer Lyons
Photojournalist Joe Lyons
Writer Kenneth Hammontree


Writer Dianne Hammontree

Writer Dianne Hammontree


Writer Doug Miller

Writer Doug Miller


Kenneth Hammontree

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Secretary of Homeward Bound Dog Shelter

Doug Miller

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