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Taste of Ashland: A Sold-Out Success for Ashland County Cancer Association

What an awesome turnout for the Ashland County Cancer Association for their 2023 annual “Taste of Ashland” event! The event showcased the culinary talents of Ashland's finest restaurants and grills, offering mouthwatering food that left attendees craving for more.

The "Taste of Ashland" event is not only a food lover's paradise but also a means to support and benefit Ashland County Cancer Association clients. Held at the Ashland University Convocation Center, the event featured over 50 baskets and raffle items, a 50/50 drawing, and a photo booth. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in raffles and a silent auction, with all the proceeds going towards aiding cancer patients in Ashland.

The success of the "Taste of Ashland" event can be attributed to the support and sponsorship received from individuals and businesses in the community. Many organizations stepped forward to sponsor tables and contribute to the fundraising efforts. Notable sponsors for the event included Yoga4Cancer, Bo Lacey Construction, Kurt Schneider for Sheriff, Chad Enderby for Sheriff, Lake Erie Frozen foods, 1018 Travels, and Charles River.

ACCA's Executive Director, Angela Woodward, expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support received. "What an excellent outcome from such a meaningful event," she said. She further added, "It warms my heart to see a community come together to support those facing cancer. Twelve thousand dollars raised will help countless patients receive the necessary resources from the Cancer Association."

Woodward highlighted that the success of the event was only made possible through the dedication and contribution of numerous volunteers, restaurants, caterers, and community members. Their valuable time, talents, and donations helped make the event a resounding success. She eagerly looks forward to the 2024 edition of the "Taste of Ashland," hoping to host it once again at the Ashland University Convo, a perfect venue for such a meaningful event.

The sold-out "Taste of Ashland" event organized by the Ashland County Cancer Association was a brilliant success, bringing together the community to support cancer patients in Ashland. The event showcased the culinary delights of Ashland's finest restaurants and grills while raising funds for a noble cause. Through the efforts of dedicated volunteers and the support of generous sponsors, the ACCA managed to raise an impressive $12,000. This amount will go a long way in providing crucial resources and support to cancer patients in Ashland County.

To truly make a difference, it takes a village, and the Ashland community certainly rose to the occasion. The success of the "Taste of Ashland" event is a testament to the power of unity and compassion. As the ACCA looks towards the future, they remain committed to providing vital assistance to those battling cancer in Ashland.


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