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METRICH Bridge Operation Strikes Blow Against Drug Activity in Richland County

Collaborative Effort Between Law Enforcement and Community Organizations Targets Criminal Activity and Offers Support for Substance Use Disorder


In a concerted effort to combat drug activity and bolster community safety, the METRICH Enforcement Unit joined forces with multiple law enforcement agencies and community organizations in Richland County for the highly successful METRICH Bridge Operation on April 18th, 2024.


Partnering with the Mansfield Police Department, Richland County Sheriff's Office, Ontario Police Department, Shelby Police Department, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol, METRICH coordinated a comprehensive initiative aimed at saturating targeted areas within Richland County with law enforcement presence. The primary objectives of the operation were to interdict criminal activity, particularly in areas with reported drug activity, and to enhance public safety.


Crucially, the operation also prioritized providing support and assistance to individuals struggling with substance use disorder. Collaborating with organizations such as the Richland County Prosecutor's Office, Catalyst Life Services, and Richland County Mental Health & Recovery, METRICH ensured that resources were readily available to help those in need.


Lt. Steve Blust of METRICH emphasized the success of the operation and expressed gratitude to the participating law enforcement agencies and collaborating organizations for their dedication and support. He emphasized the ongoing positive impact of the collaborative efforts between Richland County law enforcement and the METRICH Enforcement Unit in combating illegal drug trafficking and providing assistance to individuals seeking help for substance use disorder.


The METRICH Enforcement Unit encourages community members to remain vigilant and proactive in reporting suspected drug activity. Citizens can make use of the METRICH Crime Tip Hotline at 419-52-CRIME (419-522-7463), the Task Force line at 419-755-9728, or utilize the METRICH App to report any suspicious activity or provide valuable information to law enforcement.


Through collaborative initiatives like the METRICH Bridge Operation, Richland County continues to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents while addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by drug activity and substance use disorder within the community.


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