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Kurt Schneider, Launched his Candidacy for Office of Ashland County Sheriff

On Tuesday, November 14, Kurt Schneider officially launched his campaign to become Ashland County's next sheriff. With his wife by his side and a crowd of supporters, Schneider made his announcement at the Ashland County Sheriff's Annex.

The program began with Emcee Matt Young setting the stage for the importance of this moment in Ashland County's history. He emphasized that the decisions made in the upcoming months would have a profound impact on the county's future. Young acknowledged the significance of the Sheriff's Office and the extensive role it plays in the community.

Chad Hayes, a United States Marine who served in Iraq, took the podium to deliver the opening prayer. Currently, Hayes is a member of the chaplain corps for the Mansfield Division of Police. His presence and words provided a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those who serve and protect the community.

Retired Ashland County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Carl Richert had the honor of leading the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. With nearly 50 years of experience in both firefighting and law enforcement, Richert's presence underscored the importance of continuity and dedication in the Ashland County Sheriff's Office.

Jim Bayerl, a prominent business owner in the community, offered his remarks about Kurt Schneider. Bayerl's endorsement highlighted Schneider's character and commitment to serving the public.

Following Bayerl, Keith Loreno, Chief of Police for the City of Fostoria where he retired in July of 2022 provided introductory comments, further emphasizing Schneider's qualities as a dedicated and trustworthy individual.

Finally, it was time for Kurt Schneider to address the crowd. Described by Matt Young as a man with unwavering character, Schneider demonstrated his deep devotion to his values and principles. He spoke of his commitment to service above self and his belief in the importance of public service.

Schneider's campaign launch speech focused on the significance of the Sheriff's Office and its role in upholding the trust of the community. He emphasized his thirteen years of experience patrolling county roads, working in the jail, and investigating crimes throughout Ashland County. This firsthand knowledge is a valuable asset that Schneider believes is vital for the continued success and safety of the county.

Schneider made it clear that his priority, from Day one, “my priority is to ensure that every person in this county receives immediate emergency services without delay. No person in this county who calls 911, when in dire need of medical attention, when locked in a closet from an intruder kicking in your door or when your gagging on smoke and your skin is burning while your house is on fire, should ever have to hear the words “please stay on the phone while I transfer you”. No person should ever have to repeat themselves while trying to get help during these extremely stressful moments”

Illegal drugs have become a pervasive problem in Ashland County, impacting families, businesses, and the overall way of life. Schneider expressed his commitment to addressing this issue head-on. He stressed the importance of reducing crime, preventing repeat offenses, and eradicating harmful substances from the county.

Schneider acknowledged that Ashland County, like many other communities, faces numerous challenges in the future. With growth comes growing pains, and he acknowledged the need to protect the county from issues such as violence and state and federal overreach. Schneider made it clear that he would continue the hard work of his predecessors in preserving constitutional freedoms, enforcing laws, and ensuring the safety and well being of the community.

In his campaign launch speech, Kurt Schneider demonstrated his deep dedication to serving the people of Ashland County. With his wealth of experience, unwavering character, and strong moral compass, he is prepared to take on the role of Sheriff and lead with integrity. Schneider's commitment to immediate emergency services, addressing the issue of illegal drugs, and protecting constitutional freedoms make him a formidable candidate for the Office of Ashland County Sheriff. As the campaign unfolds, the community will have the opportunity to evaluate Schneider's vision and decide if he is the leader they can trust to safeguard their interests and shape the future of Ashland County.


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