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Animal Abuse Case Against Christopher Ferrell

Animal Abuse Case Against Christopher Ferrell bond hearing on 1-02-2023 and the Criminal video appearance today, both by video.

Press Release from yesterday on this case


Today, Ashland County Prosecuting Attorney Christopher R. Tunnell announced that a complaint had been filed in the Ashland County Court of Common Pleas against Christopher Paul Ferrell (DOB: 01/20/1973) of Ashland. The Complaint, filed by the Ashland Police Department, charges Ferrell with cruelty to animals, also known as Goddard’s Law, and unlawful possession of a dangerous ordnance, both felonies of the fifth degree.


On December 30, 2023, concerned citizens approached on-duty Ashland Police Officers to advise that they had found an injured cat in a litter box that had been taped shut and thrown in a dumpster on West Main Street in the City of Ashland. The cat was alive, but severely injured.


The Ashland Police Department contacted The Cat House Feline Sanctuary, Inc., a nonprofit organization that cares for homeless cats. Laura Bailey, the Director of the organization, coordinated care with Dr. Lisa Schwan of the Spring Meadow Veterinary Clinic to provide emergency medical treatment for the animal.


It was determined that the cat was suffering from inflicted, blunt force trauma and a penetrating wound to the head believed to be from a pellet gun. It was determined that the cat was beyond care and was euthanized.


Multiple officers from the Ashland Police Department initiated an investigation. Following that investigation, Mr. Ferrell was arrested on the aforementioned charges.


During the investigation, the Ashland Police Department seized a pellet rifle, as well as several firearms. One of the seized firearms is alleged to be a “sawed off” shotgun, with a shorter length than what is allowed under Ohio law. This firearm is the basis for the possession of a dangerous ordnance count contained in the complaint.


Prosecutor Tunnell commented, “It is inconceivable to me how anyone would find it necessary to beat an animal in this manner. Out of this tragedy, however, Ashland County can take heart that the Ashland Police Department, Laura Bailey and The Cat House Feline Sanctuary, and Veterinarians like Doctor Schwan stand ready to help without hesitation.”


“This is yet another example of the success that can be found when law enforcement and citizens cooperate. Many thanks are due those who participated in the investigation of this case.” Tunnell added, “The Cat House Feline Sanctuary is a non- profit organization and has told me they are responsible for some of the costs associated with the veterinary care of this animal. The public can donate to The Cat House Feline Sanctuary, Inc. online by going to or mailing donations to The Cat House Feline Sanctuary at 1130 E. Main St. #136, Ashland, Ohio 44805.”


Bond was set this afternoon by the Common Pleas Court at $25,000 cash or surety. Additionally, if bond is posted, Ferrell will not be allowed to possess any animals or weapons including air rifles in addition to other conditions. The case will be called on January 3 at 2:30pm for an initial appearance before the Common Pleas Court.


Prosecutor Tunnell stressed that the complaint contains allegations that will need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Christopher Ferrell and all persons charged with crimes are innocent until proven guilty.


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