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We have some heartwarming news to share with you from Ashland County Dog Warden Joe Eggerton

In a beautiful display of kindness and generosity, the Ashland County Dog Shelter recently received a heartwarming surprise.

The Simonson Construction group in Ashland stepped forward to show their love for our furry friends, presenting a check to Dog Warden Joe Eggerton for a whopping $3,000.

It's hard to express just how grateful everyone at the shelter feels for this amazing gesture. On behalf of Ashland County Dog Warden Joe Eggerton, the tireless shelter staff, the dedicated volunteers, and, of course, our beloved shelter fur-babies, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the incredible team at Simonson Construction.

This phenomenal organization has not only opened their hearts but also helped make this Christmas season special for our furry companions.

To the staff at Simonson Construction, we cannot express our gratitude enough. Your generosity and thoughtfulness have truly touched our souls. May this holiday season bring you all the blessings and joy that you have bestowed upon us at the Ashland County Dog Shelter.


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