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Vehicle Drives Through the Front Door of Floral Garden Florist on East Main Street

Accidents happen, and sometimes they occur in the most unexpected places. Such was the case at the Floral Garden Florist, located in the Commerce Center Mall at 1143 East Main Street. In a rather unusual turn of events, a vehicle crashed through the front doors of the florist shop, causing quite a stir. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but the incident left the store temporarily closed for the day.


Early this afternoon, Ashland Police Division Officers were dispatched to the Commerce Center Mall in response to a vehicle crash. The female driver of the vehicle experienced a sudden mishap when her foot slipped off the brakes, causing the car to lurch forward and crash through the front doors of the Floral Garden Florist.


The driver of the vehicle was promptly checked for any injuries by the Ashland EMS, ensuring her well-being. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the process, and the driver escaped the incident unharmed.


Naturally, the unexpected vehicle crash led to the temporary closure of the Floral Garden Florist for the rest of the day. The owner of the shop, understanding the inconvenience caused to customers, urged individuals with existing orders to contact the store at 419-289-8003. By providing an alternative means of communication, the store aimed to ease any concerns and ensure that customer satisfaction remained a top priority.


The response by the Ashland Police Division Officers, Ashland Fire Department, and EMS exemplifies their expertise and professionalism in handling such incidents. Their quick assessment of the situation, coupled with their efficient actions, ensured the safety of all involved. As trusted members of the community, their presence instills a sense of security and reassurance in times of crisis.


Accidents like the one at the Floral Garden Florist serve as a reminder that unexpected events can occur anywhere, even in seemingly peaceful locations. However, the expert response by the emergency responders and the responsible actions taken by the store's owner demonstrate the community's ability to rise above such incidents. The Floral Garden Florist will soon reopen its doors, allowing customers to indulge in the beauty of flowers once again. As for the vehicle mishap, it will serve as a reminder to always exercise caution and remain vigilant on the road.


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