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Update on the Dog Struck on State Route 545 December 18 2023

According to recent updates provided by the Humane Society of Ashland County Ohio, we are pleased to report that our four-legged friend, who was tragically struck on State Route 545 on December 18, 2023, is still under the attentive care of our friends at Claremont Veterinary Clinic.


Every day, he continues to make small but significant improvements in his condition and is now able to stand on his own. However, it is important to note that the road to recovery remains long and arduous for our furry companion.


Sadly, despite our diligent efforts, no owners have come forward to claim responsibility for him. We did, however, uncover information that someone had been attempting to catch the dog a few weeks prior to the unfortunate accident.


Rest assured that they remain committed to providing this brave canine with the best possible care and are actively seeking a loving and responsible forever home once he recovers fully.


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