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Update on a Dog Struck Today on State Route 545

Alright, here is the latest update, let me assure you that this fur baby is proving to be one tough cookie.

According to the Humane Society of Ashland County Ohio, our four-legged friend is currently in stable, albeit guarded, condition, receiving the best care possible. The diligent folks at Claremont Veterinary Clinic deserve a round of applause for successfully bringing up his temperature as he was suffering from hypothermia. Kudos to them!

Now, let's talk about the superheroes behind this rescue mission — the Humane Society of Ashland County Ohio, an organization run by a team of dedicated volunteers. They are the ones handling this case, stepping up to the challenge without hesitation.

However, if the owner doesn't show up (fingers crossed that they do!), there will be expenses involved. That's why we need your help, folks! If you're feeling generous and want to make a difference, head on over to and consider making a donation.

These fantastic humanitarians are entirely dependent on volunteers like you, and they could use a couple more helping hands. So, come on, let's lend a paw!


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