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Two Semi Collision on I-71 at 5:30am this Morning

An unfortunate accident unfolded on I-71 today, resulting in a messy traffic situation that persisted all day and is still being cleaned up.

The Ashland Fire Department & EMS, along with the Ohio Highway Patrol responded to a two semi collision at the 184.2 in the Northbound lanes of I-71.

According to the Ohio Highway Patrol, a Semi traveling Southbound on I-71 veered across the median cable-barrier at the 184.2 marker, and ultimately rolled over into the Northbound lanes, facing Southbound.

Tragically, a Northbound Semi failed to perceive the overturned vehicle in time, consequently colliding with its trailer. Luckily, no injuries were reported for either driver involved.

Commuters faced significant delays until the wreckage and debris were successfully cleared away.

The cause of this accident remains under investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.


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