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Twenty years ago, Ken and I took a walk in Ashland through the Seminary quad. As we came upon one of the oldest buildings, Ken spotted a piano in the window and asked, “Do you think anyone would mind if I stopped in to play a moment?” The building was lit and had a few students roaming about so in we went.


Ken sat down to play the most beautiful song—Autumn Leaves.

I sat beside him on the bench and began to cry. “What’s wrong?” he asked. I told him it took me two years to learn this very song on the piano so I could play it for my dad on Christmas morning.


Most people believe you cannot love someone you don’t even know.  I didn’t know Ken emotionally or physically, yet I knew him. We had an attachment that was much more than a romantic feeling. It was not temporary or selfish in nature. We did not fall in love. Our love was definitely orchestrated by God. We developed a deep appreciation and admiration for each other, an awareness of each other’s needs, strengths, and character. We began to experience true love, one that could grow for our lifetime.


God wants to give us miracles because every miracle is a testimony of how much He loves us. I thank God for His gift of love and for the music of Autumn Leaves.



Dianne Hammontree, secretary of Homeward Bound, Inc.

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