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Transformation Network Has Made an Transformation

If you have driven down Cleveland Ave lately, you may have notice some changes at the Transformation House. The new fresh look, with part of the apartments gone and the area cleaned up and fresh landscaped makes one take a second look.

I contacted Transformation Network Executive Director Kelly Smith, who said, “The organization is working on improving the quality of living space for their New Steps Participants. All but two rooms have been renovated.”

“The two old trailers have been removed from the property and a shared kitchen is slated to be added soon. A new roof has also been put on the building as well.” Smith commented, “Transformation Network is also working on converting an old barber shop on Claremont Ave into an efficiency apartment. Renovations will start as soon as Transformation Network has the permits.”

“Transformation Network is a Non-Profit organization that provides transitional housing and work for individuals who need second chances at life. Transformation Network believes in a holistic approach in helping individuals overcome their life circumstances.” Smith went on to say, “Transformation Network started to be more intentional in their ministry in 2020, creating New Steps. This approach focuses on heart transformation through a relationship with Jesus, daily bible studies, personal action plans, life skills classes, recreational activities, and WORK. In Life Skills Classes they learn Soft Skills (conflict resolution, ethics, priorities, etc.) and Hard Skills (basic car maintenance, cleaning, cooking, etc.)”

Howard Hall, a New Steps participant stated, "Transformation Network has given me a new outlook on life. New steps has transformed my negative thinking to positive thinking. I look forward to going to work every day. If I can change, anyone can change."

"God has blessed us with a new warehouse on Cleveland Ave. where we will be doing fulfillment work and relocating our offices in the near future. We are looking for more people to join our program and businesses to partner with. Now is the time to view work differently. Many businesses are having issues finding staff to do their work. We have people that need to work, but don't meet the qualifications\restrictions that organizations have. If we can partner to allow the guys in our program to do the work, it will be a WIN, WIN,WIN! The New Steps participants can gain full employment (WIN), local businesses can get work done off site and still meet the demands of their customers (WIN), and Ashland keeps the jobs local (WIN) " said Smith “This transition will allow for more room to do fulfillment work and it will help get their ministry all under one roof.

Transformation Network provides staffing, recruitment, and HR services. This office is located at 1311 Claremont Ave and it will remain at that location when the corporate office and fulfillment center moves to the Cleveland Ave. building.


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