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The Best of the Best

Ashland County Sheriff’s Office had a little surprise for Lieutenant Don Sims yesterday morning, at 0800.

Now, Lt. Sims knew he was getting promoted at 8am, but what he didn’t know, was there were going to a lot of other people there. Donuts and cookies were provided.

Sheriff E. Wayne Risner swore in their new Captain, with Family, Friends, other Deputies, Ohio Highway Patrol Troopes, and Ashland Police Division Officers watching.

A better choice for Captain couldn’t have been made; let me sum it up the best way I know how.

Captain Sims has years, and I mean years, of experience, starting way back in 1992, with West Salem Police Department until 1995, when he started with the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2003, Captain Sims went back to the West Salem Police Department to help out part time with staffing shortages, becoming the Chief of Police in 2004. During the next 14 years, Sims worked as chief and stayed a Deputy for Ashland.

In 2018 Sims hung up his chief’s hat and returned all of his attention to the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Sims has been on various special teams throughout his career, earning Corrections Officer of the Year in 1996, Road Division Supervisor of the Year in 2003 as Seargent, Enforcement Supervisor of the Year in 2020 as Lieutenant.

Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association (BSSA) Office Citations were awarded for the following years: 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2019, and 2023.

Captain Sims was awarded 3 BSSA Life Saving Awards, 2 in 2016 and 1 in 2021.

Captain Sims was a Certified Firearms Instructor in 2016, and in 2018 was a Revolver Instructor.

Captain Sims has been the primary officer involved with the Community Policing, and TRIAD/Salt programs, and has been involved with the TRIAD senior group for 15 plus years, and the Community Policing even longer.

Sheriff E. Wayne Risner told me, “It was a pleasure to promote Lieutenant Sims to Captain. He has consistently demonstrated that he has the knowledge, skills, and ability required for this most important position, which requires him to oversee and manage the daily functions and issues that affect the Sheriff's Office Enforcement Division Operations.”

Sheriff Risner added, “His new position will also add several additional duties and responsibilities that he will control. The entire agency, staff, and I are extremely proud of Captain Sims and wish him well in his new position!”

Division of Police Captain Craig Kiley remarked, “I have worked with Don for over 20 years. I have always found him to be courageous, honest, caring, and a great example of leadership. To say his promotion to captain is well-earned is an understatement.”

Retired Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Kurt Schneider had this to say, “Captain Don Sims was my first Field Training Officer (FTO) when I started at the Sheriff’s Office in 2003. We all have lots of stories to tell, but I’ll save mine for his retirement!”

Kurt Schneider went on to say, “He is a patient, knowledgeable supervisor, and was a very effective training officer. I’m very happy for Captain Sims and for the community! He always makes the safety of the community his top priority!”

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