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SINATRA & FRIENDS MadCap Living History Night

SINATRA & FRIENDS MadCap Living History Night

August 10, 2023 7pm @ The Woodward Opera House

Aug. 10th, "Frank Sinatra" (Jim Stoner) will take the stage, tell stories, and sing songs--and then introduce his longtime partners in Hysterics, Dean Martin (Tim Boysel) and "Sammy Davis Junior" (Scott Johnson)!

The audience will be treated to a true "trip to Vegas" as these three will, sing, laugh and relive memories-

This Special Event is sponsored by the Woodward Opera House, in conjunction with our regular partners, North Main Cafe, The Grand Hotel, Living on the Edge, Mount Vernon Players, Ramser Arboretum and Good Impressions Printing. Thanks to all of our patrons, and thank you Woodward Opera House for being a feature sponsor of this event!

Donations accepted at the door ($10 per person suggested.)

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