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Sheriff’s Office Detectives and APD Detectives on Scene of Possible Shooting

According to scanner reports, an Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Deputy responded to 571 Township Road 851, at around 3:30pm this afternoon to do a welfare check. The welfare check was requested from APD.

Scanner reports, Nankin EMS called to the scene for a person with a GSW, Gun Shot Wound, then reported the person was cold to the touch. Have EMS stage and contact the Ashland County Coroner’s Office.

Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Detectives showed up on scene, followed by Ashland Police Division Detectives. The next reports were to have BCI respond to the scene.

As of right now, besides the Detectives from both agencies, BCI and the Ashland County Coroner’s Office are on scene.

Chief Deputy Blake said nothing will be released until tomorrow morning some time.


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