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Sheriff E. Wayne Risner Endorses Kurt Schneider for Ashland County Sheriff

In a heartfelt speech delivered this morning, Sheriff E. Wayne Risner announced his endorsement of Kurt Schneider for the position of Ashland County Sheriff. After nearly 24 years of dedicated service, Sheriff Risner expressed confidence in Schneider's qualifications and commitment to uphold the legacy of excellence within the Ashland County Sheriff's Office.


Sheriff Risner, who has served as Ashland County Sheriff for over two decades, reflected on his illustrious career spanning both military and law enforcement roles. With a combined 56 years of service to his name, including 22 years in the United States Army and 34 years with the Ashland County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Risner emphasized the agency's unwavering dedication to maintaining high standards of professionalism and service to the community.


In his address, Sheriff Risner highlighted the multifaceted responsibilities of the Ashland County Sheriff's Office, encompassing divisions such as corrections, civil process administration, enforcement, and specialized teams including the Drone Team, Dive Team, K9 Team, and Bomb Squad. He underscored the critical role of each division in ensuring public safety, upholding the law, and preserving the peace throughout Ashland County.


Drawing attention to the extensive duties performed by the Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Risner emphasized the importance of honesty and integrity as foundational principles of law enforcement. He commended the tireless efforts of the agency's deputies and staff in fulfilling their duties with professionalism and dedication, day in and day out.


In endorsing Kurt Schneider for Ashland County Sheriff, Sheriff Risner cited Schneider's proven track record and comprehensive understanding of the office's operations. Having worked his way up from a special deputy to a full-time deputy with experience in both corrections and enforcement, Schneider demonstrated a deep commitment to public service and a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of the Sheriff's Office.


Sheriff Risner expressed confidence in Schneider's ability to lead the agency effectively, build upon its existing strengths, and address challenges such as maintaining the integrity of the 911 dispatch system.


In concluding his endorsement speech, Sheriff Risner called upon the community to join him in supporting Kurt Schneider as the next Sheriff of Ashland County, pledging to continue the tradition of excellence and service that has defined the Ashland County Sheriff's Office under his leadership.


As Ashland County prepares for the upcoming election, Sheriff E. Wayne Risner's endorsement serves as a testament to Kurt Schneider's qualifications and commitment to upholding the highest standards of law enforcement and public safety in the community.

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