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School Safety First: Steve Paramore & Rod Cheyney Address Alleged Threat

This letter is in response to the discussions that our students and parents have been having due to a possible school threat at the Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center on Thursday, October 12, 2023.

The result of this possible threat is a result of an investigation that the ACWHCC administration and the Career Center’s school resource officer performed on the days of Wednesday, October 4th through Friday, October 6th.

During the investigation, there were countless hours spent interviewing students and the instructor of one of our labs at the career center. After gathering information and using the school’s threat assessment plan tool, it was determined that there was no evidence to demonstrate that the threat was credible and that our staff and students were in any danger.

An All Call was sent out to the parents of the Career Center students on Friday, October 6th at 6:00 pm with the findings of the investigation. An email was also sent to our students on Tuesday, October 10th stating the procedures that took place during the investigation and the results, in which students were to read at 2:30 pm in their classrooms.

This is a joint communication put out by the Ashland County West Holmes Career Center and the Ashland City Schools.

Safety of all staff and students is our top priority and this communication is to give assurance to our parents, staff, students, and stakeholders that attending school tomorrow and moving forward is safe.

Thank you for your continued support of ACWHCC and ACS.

-Steve Paramore, ACS Superintendent

-Rod Cheyney, ACWHCC Superintendent


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