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Scary Incident in Ontario has Police Asking Questions

Ontario Police are currently conducting an investigation into a potentially alarming incident that took place on January 06, 2024, at Cinemark 14 in Ontario.


The incident involves three juveniles who were innocently engaged in playing a video game when they were approached by an unidentified man accompanied by other male, raising concerns over their intentions.

Larissa Johnson, in a heartfelt Facebook post, expressed her distress and solicited assistance, sharing that her daughter and friends were the targets of this unsettling encounter at the Ontario movie theater.

Seeking collaboration with the community, Ontario Police took to social media and posted a message appealing for information. The post serves as a call to action, asking the public to come forward if they can identify the individuals captured in the video, which has gained traction online.

Ontario Police have provided several avenues for the concerned public to reach out, including their phone number at (419) 529-2115, the option to send private messages on Facebook or Instagram, or the anonymous tip line at (419) 529-1101.

By reaching out, individuals can play a pivotal role in this investigation, providing crucial information and helping bring clarity to this unnerving incident.


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