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Pursuit Ends at the 187 Mile Marker Northbound Lane of I-71

Well, what do we have here? The pursuit of the elusive White Mercedes came to a screeching halt at the 187 mile marker of the northbound lane of I-71.

Now, this chase wasn't exactly your typical Hollywood-style extravaganza, but it still had its fair share of drama. You see, the trouble started when a Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper spotted the White Mercedes zooming down the road at an eye-watering 98mph.

Sensing danger, the trooper promptly activated his flashing lights, expecting the culprit to gracefully yield. But, oh no, this White Mercedes had other plans. It refused to pull over, sending the trooper on a wild goose chase.

Now, brace yourself for a plot twist: she...yes, she...eventually pulled over before hitting the spike strips.

My apologies, in my live video, I stated that the Mercedes hit spike strips, that my friends was where I must have misunderstood the situation. It turns out that they did have spike strips out at the 190 mile marker, but the pursuit ended before they could be deployed.

Oh, and here's where the confusion sets in: it seems our speeding street racer is a Chinese nationalist, and as the legend goes, over there, the police tend to get beside you or even in front of you to pull you over.

So, it appears this was all just a big misunderstanding.

Nevertheless, this Chinese nationalist will still have to face the consequences, with a nice mandatory appearance for the much-dreaded speeding ticket.

It looks like Judge John L. Good of the Ashland Municipal Court will have the delightful task of untangling this little web of confusion. Let's see how he handles this unexpected international twist in our pursuit story.


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