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Principal Steve McDonnell Spends Night on Taft’s School Roof After Students Exceed Fundraising Goal

Night view:

Day view

Taft’s School, Ashland Ohio - In a heartwarming display of school spirit and community support, Principal Steve McDonnell fulfilled his end of a bet by spending the night on the roof of Taft’s School after students exceeded their fundraising goal for the end-of-year celebration.


McDonnell, who is set to retire next week, made the bet with students, promising to camp on the roof if they could raise $500 within a week. Little did he know that the students would far surpass that goal, raising over $1000 for the event.


"I told them if they'd raise $500 for the end-of-the-year party that I'd camp on the roof," McDonnell said with a smile. "And they did it, and then some!"


Dressed in a robe, baseball cap, SpongeBob SquarePants pajama bottoms, sporting white tennis shoes, McDonnell waved enthusiastically to students, along with parents, and teachers as they gathered below the building to witness his rooftop camping adventure.


The event quickly gained attention on social media, with Facebook flooded with well-wishes and expressions of gratitude for McDonnell's years of service to the school community.


"Best Principal out there, thank you for your support and dedication to the students, you will be missed!" wrote one commenter.


Another wrote, "Those kids will be telling this story to their grandchildren! How wonderful, and fun! Congrats on retirement!"


Many former students also shared memories of McDonnell's impact on their lives, highlighting his generosity, kindness, and dedication to ensuring every student's success.


"He was my 8th-grade history teacher before he took that job, one of the greatest educators I ever had!" one commenter recalled. "Congrats Mr. McDonnell, enjoy your retirement! You've earned it."


McDonnell's willingness to go above and beyond for his students, including personally funding trips for those in need, further cemented his legacy as a beloved and respected figure in the community.


As McDonnell prepares to bid farewell to Taft’s School, his rooftop adventure serves as a fitting tribute to his dedication and the lasting impact he has had on generations of students.


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