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Power of a Vote: A NO Vote on November 7 is Preserving Childhood Innocence and Local Accountability

The recent flyer that arrived in my mailbox shed light on an important issue surrounding the Ashland Public Library 1 mill for 5 years Renewal tax levy that is set to be voted on November 7th.

According to an article, there was a significant response from concerned citizens, during an Ashland Public Library board meeting, expressing their worries about the protection of childhood innocence and local accountability.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Ashland Public Library board chose to disregard those voices, leaving citizens feeling frustrated and unheard. As a means to capture the board's attention and demand change, the flyer suggests voting NO on the Renewal tax levy.

It appears that the board has been resistant to finding a compromise, such as moving certain books to an adult shelf. This approach indicates the importance of acknowledging the concerns raised by citizens and promoting open dialogue, to ensure the preservation of childhood innocence and local accountability.

Flyer Reads as follows:

In July of 2022, hundreds of parents, grandparents, guardians, and concerned citizens filled the Ashland Public Library board meeting to make a statement against several "controversial books" being offered to children.

Controversial books such as "Making a Baby" by Rachel Greener, depicting what many consider to be indecent and offensive content - intended for 5-8 year old children.

The collective ask was that if the Ashland Public Library board would not remove books like this, then to please move them to a higher shelf where parents and guardians could decide what is appropriate for their children.

The answer was no. The board president alleged that relocating or removing the books is censorship.

"They are informing children," said current Ashland Public Library board President, Sandra Tunnell.

Tunnell is exactly right about what these books are doing: they are informing our children, but in matters of which numerous individuals in our community find appalling.

It's time to inform the library that the voices of concerned citizens who feel strongly about protecting childhood innocence and local accountability matter. Vote NO on November 7.

Cover image is intended for artistic depiction and is not of the Ashland Public Library.

Paid for by Citizens for Ashland Library Accountability.



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