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Pit Bull Viciously Attacks Woman on Pleasant Street


Ashland Police Division and Ashland EMS responded a dog attack on Pleasant Street, a woman was viciously attacked by a pit bull. The woman suffered serious injuries to her head/arm and transported to the trauma center at Ohio Health in Mansfield.


Lieutenant Bloodhart of the Ashland Police Division stated that Officers and EMS personnel arrived at the scene at approximately 11 am. They found a 53-year-old woman who had been bitten by a dog. The victim, who was on her own property at the time of the attack, suffered injuries that required urgent medical attention. As a result, she was transported to Mansfield for treatment.


Following the attack, the Ashland County dog warden was contacted and arrived at the scene shortly after. The warden, Joe Eggerton, took custody of the pit bull and placed it in quarantine for testing purposes. It is essential to determine if the dog was carrying rabies since it lacked proper vaccination records and was unlicensed. The severity of the injuries inflicted on the woman led to the pit bull deemed a vicious dog.


As of now, charges have not yet been filed in relation to the attack on Pleasant Street. The investigation is ongoing, with both the Ashland Police Division and the Ashland County dog warden working together.


According to Google, pit bulls accounted for a staggering 82% of attacking dogs in 2023. These powerful and strong canines were responsible for 92% of the 131 attacks on children, 58% of the 283 attacks on adults, 81% of the 69 human deaths, and 63% of the disfigurements. These statistics shed light on the concerning prevalence of pit bull aggression and the potential dangers they pose.


The recent pit bull attack on a woman highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership. It serves as a reminder that even well-loved and cared-for dogs can exhibit aggression under certain circumstances.


Some believe pit bulls have been unfairly stigmatized due to isolated incidents of violence, it is crucial to remember that all dogs have the potential for aggression. Adequate training, socialization, and responsible ownership can help prevent such unfortunate incidents and ensure a safe environment for both humans and animals.


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