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Patrol reminds motorists the importance of vehicle maintenance

(Ashland) – According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, from 2018 to 2022, there were 10,103 crashes in Ohio where vehicle defects were a contributing factor. Brake failures and tire blowouts were the most common causes in vehicle defect-related crashes.

During the same timeframe, there were 42 vehicle defect-related fatal crashes, resulting in 49 deaths on Ohio’s roadways. Tire blowouts were the leading cause in 31 percent of these fatal crashes. In addition, there were 2,779 injury crashes in which a vehicle defect was a contributing circumstance.

“Keeping your vehicle in good operating condition by routinely checking your tires, brakes, headlights and other equipment are simple things motorists can do to prevent vehicle defect-related crashes,” said Governor Mike DeWine. “When you ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, you are helping keep our roadways safe.”

Older vehicles were involved in nearly half of all vehicle defect-related crashes from 2018-2022. Vehicles from model years 2000-2009 accounted for 49 percent of these crashes, while vehicles from model years 2011-2020 were involved in 26 percent of the crashes.

“A lot of these are preventable crashes,” said Colonel Charles A. Jones, Patrol superintendent. “If you’re not keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle, you are putting your life and the lives of others at risk.”

The Patrol reminds you to call #677 when you see unsafe driving or if you are in need of assistance on Ohio roadways.

For more information, a traffic safety bulletin can be found at:

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