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Ongoing Investigation: Update on Alleged Misconduct at Ashland Middle School

Ashland City Schools is currently conducting a thorough investigation into the alleged misconduct of an employee at Ashland Middle School. The school district is utilizing all of its legal abilities to uncover the truth and address any wrongdoing that may have occurred. It is important to note that the investigation does not currently have a tangible deadline, as the priority is to conduct a comprehensive and fair examination.

The employee in question has been placed on administrative paid leave since Thursday, October 19th, 2023, at 12:45 PM. This decision was made in direct response to the allegations brought forward that same morning. It is crucial to clarify that the employee has not been on Ashland City Schools property, except for two mandatory meetings at the administrative offices. Superintendent Steve Paramore emphasized that the employee's safety was ensured during the process, and no involvement of law enforcement was necessary.

To maintain the integrity of the investigation, Ashland City Schools released a statement after consulting their legal counsel. Superintendent Paramore acknowledges that some families may have desired a faster response, and he takes sole responsibility for any inconvenience or disappointment caused. The school district understands the importance of their role within the community and strives to operate, communicate, and serve at the highest standards.

The situation has generated various feedback on social media and through electronic communication. Superintendent Paramore, as the leader of Ashland City Schools, takes full responsibility for the outcome of this situation. He reassures the staff, students, families, and community that no stone will be left unturned in the investigation. The school district remains committed to following board-adopted policies and ensuring the safety and provision of the best public education possible.

Ashland City Schools deeply appreciates the positive and constructive feedback it has received from numerous sources. The school district extends its gratitude for the grace and understanding demonstrated by the community. In case of any questions or concerns, Superintendent Paramore encourages individuals to reach out via email or phone. He also expresses his gratitude towards Linda McKibben, the Ashland Middle School administration, and the entire AMS staff for their work and understanding during this sensitive situation.

As the investigation into alleged misconduct at Ashland Middle School continues, Superintendent Steve Paramore and the entire Ashland City Schools community are committed to uncovering the truth and taking appropriate action. The safety and well-being of their staff, students, and community remain their top priorities. By conducting a thorough investigation and following established policies, Ashland City Schools will ensure a safe and supportive environment for all, delivering the best public education possible.


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