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MPD Seeks Information in Bank Fraud Operation

The US Secret Service from the Cleveland Field Office, Mansfield Police Detectives and members of the Northern Ohio Financial Crimes Task Force (NOFCTF) of the Secret Service, Mansfield Police Officers, and Lexington Police Officers served two (2) residential search warrants related to a crime ring involved in bank fraud, wire fraud, access device fraud, and forgery.

From June 2022 through the present, the Secret Service along with Mansfield Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit have identified over $893,000.00 in potential/attempted fraud losses from counterfeit checks, fraudulent ATM withdrawals, Point of sale and PIN purchases, and cash withdrawals from Kroger’s primarily in the Mansfield area.

One of the main targeted locations was Park National Bank. The Actual Loss suffered by Park National Bank is over $491,000.00. This fraud is continuing with the latest fraudulent activity occurring on January 25, 2023, with a total loss of $11,900.08.

This investigation has focused on a group of suspects who are making counterfeit checks and altering MoneyGrams in the name of both business and personal accounts. The counterfeit checks are routinely deposited into a willing participant’s bank account. After a counterfeit check is successfully deposited, the suspects then make ATM cash withdrawals and Point of sale transactions at Kroger’s grocery stores in the northern Ohio area, including several Mansfield locations.

This joint investigation between Mansfield Police Department and the US Secret Service has identified over 50 suspects/willing participants involved in this criminal activity.

Charged with counterfeiting F-3 was Timothy Robinson. Further charges will follow as this investigation continues and officials continue to identify other participants in this ring.

It is these continuing collaborations between local and Federal law enforcement agencies that impact our communities.

If anyone has further information regarding this ongoing investigation please contact Det. Korey Kaufman at 419-755-9748.


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