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Motorcycles Versus Amish Buggy

Ohio Highway Patrol and Western Holmes Fire Department & EMS responded to a Motorcycle versus Amish Buggy MVI, at the intersection of State Route 179, and Ashland County Road 2575, this afternoon.

According to a witness, all three motorcycles and an Amish Buggy were going Southbound, on State Route 179. The witness said that the buggy appeared to be turning right, when she threw up her hand to signaling that she was turning left. At that time the motorcycles were already moving to pass on the left.

The witness went on to say, the first motorcycle had come to a near stop, when the second one struck the first in the rear, the third one then struck the second one.

All three motorcycles were able to miss the buggy, which stopped and waited for Law Enforcement.

None-life-threatening injuries were reported, with one being transported by Western Holmes EMS.

State Route 179 was temporarily closed.


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