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Mohican-Ashland Eagles Presents Check to ACCA

On Wednesday, Kevin Ambrose, Treasurer of the Mohican-Ashland Eagles, Arie #2178, presented a check to Angela Woodward, Executive Director of the Ashland County Cancer Association (ACCA), in the amount of $2,000. Kevin Ambrose said that he was happy to support the ACCA, a local mission of “people helping people.”

The Ashland County Cancer Association was founded in 1947 by Tom Dexter, and has been faithfully serving the Ashland area residents for over 75 years. They serve over 300 Ashland residents per year. in 2022.

Angela Woodward said, in “2022, we helped 375 cancer patients across Ashland County with 142,000 of support.” With a recent significant increase in the services the ACCA provides in transportation, this gift is a much-appreciated gesture and is just another example of “people helping people in our community.


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