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Mickey Robinson May 26th at Fusion Church Lexington

Mickey Robinson is coming to Fusion Church Lexington May 26th, at 7PM. Public is welcome and bring a friend to this free event.

As a nineteen-year-old professional skydiver, Mickey Robinson underwent a plane crash that left him with catastrophic injuries. After a near-death experience, Mickey courageously overcame multiple terminal medical complications and recovered miraculously, as documented in his memoir, Falling into Heaven. Since his second chance at life, Mickey has been a public speaker nationally and internationally, sharing words of encouragement and hope that continue to change lives and inspire people of all ages.

Mickey and his wife live outside of Franklin, Tennessee.

Falling Into Heaven: A Skydiver's Gripping Account of Heaven, Healings and Miracles

Falling into Heaven is the true story of how a young skydivers life was changed when a fiery plane crash melted his face and mutilated his body. Miraculous healing and a spiritual adventure of a new life on earth followed this near death experience. Falling into Heaven is not just about a burned man getting better. It is about a dead man coming to life!

Fusion Church Lexington

220 Industrial Dr, Lexington, Ohio

7pm Friday the 26th

Covenant Church, Mount Vernon, Ohio

13360 New Delaware Rd.,

Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Sunday, May 28th at 10:45 am.


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