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Meet Chad Enderby: From Law Enforcement to Leadership and Community Service

Chad Enderby

Meet Chad Enderby, a dedicated individual who has spent nearly 30 years serving in the Ohio State Highway Patrol. From his humble beginnings as a dispatcher to his impressive journey up the ranks, Chad has exemplified expertise, authority, and trust in his role as a law enforcement officer. Now, he aims to extend his service to the residents of Ashland County, bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to make a difference in their community.


Chad Enderby's Career Journey, Starting Out as a Dispatcher and Becoming a State Trooper


At just 19 years old in 1992, Chad Enderby embarked on his law enforcement career as a dispatcher at the Norwalk Post. He honed his skills in this role until he reached the eligible age to attend the Ohio State Patrol Academy. Graduating from the academy, Chad became a state trooper stationed at the Mansfield Post of the Ohio Highway Patrol.


Accomplishments and Special Assignments


During his time at the Mansfield Post, Chad received accolades for his bravery, earning the Superintendent's Citation of Merit, the patrol's second highest award. His dedication to physical fitness and excellence in field training led him to receive the patrol's physical fitness and field training officer awards.


Chad's exceptional performance didn't go unnoticed, as he was selected as one of the exclusive nine K-9 handlers in the state. He served on the Highway Interdiction Team, working diligently to combat illegal activities on Ohio's highways.


Rising in Rank and Taking on Leadership Roles


Recognizing Chad's leadership potential, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2001. Throughout his career, he served at various patrol posts, including the Ashland Post, where he held the position of assistant to the post commander and shift supervisor. Chad's abilities extended beyond the field, as he took on additional responsibilities as a driving instructor for new recruits, firearms range instructor, and technology-modernization instructor.

In 2006, Chad achieved the rank of Lieutenant and assumed the role of overseeing operations at the Wooster Post, which encompassed Wayne and Holmes Counties. He effectively managed a wide range of responsibilities, such as training, payroll, scheduling, resource allocation, criminal investigations, and facility management. Notably, Chad's dedication to building relationships and fostering trust with other department leaders and the Amish community contributed to reduced crashes and improved buggy lighting.


Specialized Training and Accomplishments as a Staff Lieutenant


In 2017, Chad's expertise led to his promotion to Staff Lieutenant, where he was assigned to the Cleveland District Headquarters. As the assistant district commander, he oversaw a significant district comprising of seven patrol posts and a team of over 240 troopers, sergeants, lieutenants, and civilian staff.

During his tenure, Chad received specialized training from the United States Secret Service, enabling him to assist with multiple Presidential visits, including providing security at the 2019 Presidential Debates held in Cleveland. This valuable experience further solidified his skills in maintaining public safety and coordinating complex operations.


A New Chapter: Transitioning to Leadership and Community Service


After dedicating nearly 30 years to law enforcement, Chad Enderby has embarked on a new chapter of his career. In the fall of 2021, he accepted the role of Director of Human Resources, Safety, and Facilities for the City of Ashland, under the leadership of Mayor Matt Miller. In this position, Chad plays an instrumental role in negotiating union contracts, improving policies and procedures, and enhancing the city's overall well-being.


Chad's Involvement in the Ashland County Community


Chad Enderby's commitment to public service extends beyond his professional career. He actively contributes to the community, serving as the President of the Hillsdale High School Athletic Booster Club for three years and as a coach for his daughters' softball teams. Additionally, Chad volunteers for the United Way and is a proud member of the Ashland Noon Lion's Club. His involvement in countless other community events and service as a Special Deputy for the Ashland County Sheriff's Office demonstrates his dedication to making Ashland County a better place.

Chad voiced his unwavering commitment, stating, "My top priority is to focus on increasing the patrols in our villages and townships, by reducing the overlap of services between state and county law enforcement agencies." Recognizing the importance of ensuring safety within educational settings, Chad also emphasized his intention to amplify the focus on school safety and resource officers in each school. Collaborating closely with school administrators, his goal is to ensure that all personnel are well-trained and adequately prepared in the event of an emergency. Chad Enderby's dedication to serving Ashland County shines through, promising a safer and more secure community for all.


Chad Enderby's journey from a young dispatcher to a respected law enforcement officer, leader, and community advocate showcases his commitment to serving others. With an impressive career in the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Chad brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a passion for public service to his new role as the Director of Human Resources, Safety, and Facilities for the City of Ashland. His dedication to both his professional and community roles exemplifies the values needed for effective leadership and positive impact in Ashland County.


Facebook Page

Endorsed by:

I am endorsing Chad Enderby for the Sheriff of Ashland County, Ohio. I began my 25-year career in law enforcement at the Ashland County Sherriff’s Office when I was sworn in as a Special Deputy in 1996. I continued to work alongside the ACSO deputies throughout my career as a Patrolman/Detective for the Ashland Police Department.

Throughout this time, I knew Chad Enderby both as a knowledgeable trooper/K-9 handler, and was aware of his leadership skills and rank. I am confident that Chad Enderby has the experience and skills to operate the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office with a high standard of professionalism and integrity.

It’s also reassuring to know that Chad Enderby will continue the partnership with METRICH Drug Task Force in order to fight the dangerous drug epidemic by keeping drug traffickers out of Ashland County, and maintaining the safety of its residents.

Thank you, Chad Enderby, for bringing 30 years of law enforcement experience to Ashland County, and for your willingness to continue to protect and serve as the next Sheriff of Ashland County.

Brian Evans

Scott Lili Ramirez Harris 

John R. Oleyar


We may no longer be in Ashland, but to all of our friends who are . . . I want to give the highest endorsement for Chad Enderby for Sheriff. I had the privilege to get to know Chad as a co-worker and as a friend. After getting to know him, I truly believe that he is the right choice, and would make the best of decisions for Ashland County. His character and leadership skills are unmatched. He is definetly a man of integrity. I have personally witnessed him on multiple occassions going above and beyond to do the right thing, and to stay above board. I believe the future is bright with Chad Enderby as sheriff!

John R. Oleyar

Endorsement for Chad Enderby, for Ashland County Sheriff.

I became acquainted with Chad a few years ago and was immediately impressed with his engagement in and enthusiasm for our community.

I am willing to express my support for Chad's candidacy for sheriff of Ashland County without reservation because he is a proven leader, he is qualified for the position, he possesses empathy, good judgement and a high degree of integrity.

Finally, Chad Enderby is passionate about the prospects of serving as Ashland County Sheriff. I encourage you to consider supporting him as well.

Ralph Tomassi

Chief Development Officer/Senior Administrator

Hospice of North Central Ohio


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