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Medway Drug Enforcement Agency

Medway Drug Enforcement Agency Releases Info on Raid in Wayne County

"What's all the FUZZZZZ about??"

On May 11th, 2023 Agents from the MEDWAY Drug Enforcement Agency attempted to serve indictment on 22 people from a drug trafficking investigation in Wayne County. These indictments included Aggravated Trafficking in Methamphetamine, Fentanyl and Fentanyl Related Compounds, Trafficking in Cocaine, and Permitting Drug Abuse. Combined between the 22 people, 92 counts were filed in the indictments. In addition to the indictments, a search warrant was executed at 1474 N Honeytown Rd., Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio, related to Weapons Under Disability violations.

During the execution of the warrant an ambush device was located on an entry door of an outbuilding and was destroyed by SRT team members. Dozens of firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and US currency were seized as a result of the search warrant.

Without our partnerships we would not be able to do this, Medway was assisted by members of the, Wooster Police Department and their Community Impact Unit, Wayne County Sheriff Patrol and Corrections division, Ohio State Highway Patrol Special Response Team, Doylestown Police Department-Wayne County, Ohio, Apple Creek Police Department , Smithville Police Department, Orrville Police Department, Wayne County Probation Departments, Creston Police Department, Rittman Police, Village of Shreve Police Dept, Marshallville Police Department, FBI Safe Streets Task Force-Canton Office, and Dalton Police Department.

Continue to text tips to MEDWAY + 847411


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