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Mansfield Police Department Investigate “Shoot Up” Threats at Mansfield Sr. High School Today

On November 2, 2023, the Mansfield Police Department was notified of two possible threats made to “shoot up” Mansfield Sr. High School today and Arlin Field tonight.

The first threat was received around 1:15 p.m. Immediately, officers began working leads and by 1:25 p.m. the student had been both identified and taken into custody.

The student admitted to making the threats, however, he stated it was in retaliation for a comment made about him by another student. He further stated he had no intentions of committing the act. Charges are currently being sought.

While conducting the first investigation, officers began receiving a second set of potential threats regarding a shooting at the football game tonight at Arlin Field.

After investigating all aspects of the statements made and the sources, the threats could not be validated.

Because of these recent threats, school administrators decided to cancel today's classes and also move tonight’s football game to Rocky River High School. Mansfield Police will be on hand at tonight’s game in Rocky River merely to assure everyone’s safety.

It should also be mentioned that it was the student’s diligence and willingness to assist in bringing these threats to light. Because of that officers were able to respond as quickly as they did. Again, anyone who hears or sees threats or potentially violent activity, please call your local Law enforcement agency immediately.

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