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Made for Home Fall Benefit ‘23

As our community sees the needs for children in foster care, it is evident that every child is Made for Home. On October 3, 2023, Fostering Family Ministries held their first fundraising benefit dinner at Mount Vernon Estate in Ashland. The benefit raised over $50,000 in pledges and donations.

Samaritan Hospital foundation graciously offered a matching challenge for up to $15,000, and local donors matched every bit of this through sponsorships and gifts. Many are celebrating all that God is doing in foster care and are excited to see how He continues to work!

As their first banquet, Fostering Family Ministries hosted over 160 guests and special guest speaker Krysta Bouquet, who shared her story of God’s work in her life, rescuing her from a family immersed in drugs and criminal activity, placing her in the care of church families.

Fostering Family Ministries also debuted testimonial videos at the event featuring foster parents, care teams, churches, and pastors that serve those in foster care.

A special thank you to the sponsors of Made for Home 2023!

Champion $15,000+

Samaritan Hospital Foundation

Diamond $10,000+

Sutton Bank

Gold $1,000+

Charles & Melody Barnes

Roger & Perri Snyder

Crossroads Church

Silver (Whole Table) $500+

Bethel Chapel

Tim & Anne Cowen

Matthew & Kelly Harris

Mount Vernon Estates Event Center

Heritage Baptist Church

Armstrong & Ditz Accounting

Bronze (Half Table) $250+


Jerry & Jeanie Rotramel

Matt & Melanie Miller

Brethren Care Village

Cabinet Restylers

Janis Marhenke

Karen Laughery

John & Sherry Bouquet

Centerra Co-Op

Cross Connect Church

Located in north-central Ohio, Fostering Family Ministries exists to motivate, organize, and equip churches and community partners to serve the needs of foster children in their community. Founded in Ashland County in 2016, FFM has expanded to include counties across North Central Ohio with a growing coalition of churches and community supporters. FFM seeks to continue to cultivate foster care ministry within churches until there are more than enough loving families and care teams for vulnerable children and families in foster care. For more information about FFM, visit


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