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MadCap Living History Presents Ken Hammontree as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in "Mozart the Genius"

Mount Vernon, Ohio - History came alive at the historic Woodward Opera House in downtown Mount Vernon, Ohio, as renowned historian Ken Hammontree embodied the legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in "Mozart the Genius." Joined by his student, Anna Smith from Genesis Christian Academy, the duo delighted audiences with a captivating portrayal of the musical maestro.


From the moment the performance began, Hammontree's portrayal of Mozart captivated the audience, bringing to life the genius and eccentricity of the iconic composer. With his trademark quirky laugh and references to his "noodle," Hammontree skillfully depicted Mozart's playful personality, transporting viewers back in time to experience the essence of the musical prodigy.


Mozart's remarkable musical talent was evident from a young age, as highlighted during the performance. Playing the keyboard at three and composing minuets at five, Mozart's early achievements set the stage for a prolific career. By age twelve, he had completed his first opera, showcasing his extraordinary abilities and earning him the moniker "loved of God" with his middle name.


Central to the performance was Mozart's Sonata in C Major, composed just three years before his untimely death. The piece, written for one of Mozart's pupils, exemplifies the composer's mastery of melody and balance, embodying the elegance of the Viennese classical period.


Despite his musical brilliance, Mozart's life was marked by financial struggles and personal challenges. His penchant for spending led to financial woes, compounded by the failure of his concert promotions. However, his legacy endures through over 600 works, including operas, symphonies, concertos, and sonatas.


Tragically, Mozart's life was cut short by rheumatic fever at the age of 35. He was laid to rest in a common grave, a stark contrast to the grandeur of his musical legacy.


The living history program provided audiences with a unique opportunity to witness Mozart at work, mentoring a promising young musician from Genesis Christian Academy. By incorporating a student into the performance, the program offered a more immersive and realistic portrayal of Mozart's life and influence.


Throughout the 50-minute program, Mozart shared insights into his life and music, offering a glimpse into the mind of a musical genius. As the audience laughed and applauded, "Mozart the Genius" proved to be an unforgettable journey into the life and legacy of one of history's greatest composers.


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