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Letter to the Editor: "Let’s Vote Trump Back In"

Letter to the Editor: "Let’s Vote Trump Back In"

Local lifelong Ashland/Richland county resident speaks on upcoming election, and current state of our country.

I am 90-years-old, and I have lived most of the time within a mile of the Ashland/Richland County line, near Olivesburg. I consider both counties “Red” (Republican), mostly.

The “first” thing you and I need to do is get Donald Trump voted into the White House again!

He is not a Republican and the Democratic Party is now dead! The current, “so called,” Democratic Party is nothing more than a band of American haters. They cheat and lie to get their way. For example, they open borders for anyone and everyone to come in. Spend (waist) our tax dollars breaking EVERY law to get their way in their political position in Congress.

The Republicans are a do nothing, lazy, phonies who only whine! Donald Trump proved he CAN and WOULD get our country back like when he left the White House. Giving us law abiding citizens, strong military, controlled borders, Etc.

Let’s vote him back in for our President, and vote Congress in to HELP support him. More Senator’s like Jim Jordan for example. We can then gain our Country back and hold our heads up high once again!

Forrest Pruner

Ashland/ Richland County Resident in Ohio

Korean War Veteran


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