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Joshua Boucher Faces Bond Hearing for Felony Charge

Joshua Boucher, 43, of Mount Gilead, Ohio, awaits a bond hearing scheduled for this afternoon at the Ashland County Jail. Boucher faces a third-degree felony charge for "Failure to Comply with an Order or Signal of a Police Officer" under Ohio Revised Code Section 2921.331.


The charges stem from a series of events that unfolded on April 1, 2024, in Ashland County, Ohio. According to court documents, Boucher is accused of willfully eluding or fleeing a police officer after receiving a visible or audible signal to stop his motor vehicle. The incident posed a substantial risk of serious physical harm to persons or property.


The sequence of events leading to Boucher's arrest began with a Monday morning shooting in Morrow County. The situation escalated when Boucher was involved in a collision with an ODOT Plow Truck on State Route 89. Subsequently, Boucher reportedly stole a vehicle belonging to a witness who stopped to help him at the crash scene and fled on State Route 89.


Law enforcement agencies, including the Ashland County Sheriff's Office, initiated a search for the stolen vehicle. Boucher was later spotted in the 2500 block of State Route 60, heading southbound. The ensuing pursuit resulted in another collision at State Route 60 and Township Road 2802, details of which have not yet been released by the Ashland County Sheriff's Office.


According to a crash report from the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office, Boucher was driving a white 2023 Toyota Camry northbound on State Route 89 when the vehicle collided head-on with a white 2019 Freightliner (ODOT Plow Truck). The impact caused the plow truck to veer off the roadway and come to rest on its left side. Boucher then left the scene in the stolen vehicle but was eventually apprehended by law enforcement.


Efforts to obtain video footage of the incidents through the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) were impeded by technical difficulties. Kaitlyn Thompson, Public Information Officer at ODOT District 3, stated that upon impact, the truck lost power, resulting in a malfunction of the data source to the truck’s camera. Consequently, only footage from the truck in the ditch, with no recordings capturing the impact.


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