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Jeromesville Businesses Targeted in Overnight Break-Ins

Jeromesville, Ohio - The Village of Jeromesville woke up to unsettling news as two local businesses, Fickes Furniture on North High Street and the American Legion on Huron Street, were reported to have been burglarized overnight.


According to Chief Deputy David Blake of the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office, Fickes Furniture suffered damage to their safe but reported minimal loss. The American Legion, however, had an undisclosed amount of cash stolen from their ATM and other machines.


Chief Deputy Blake asked to residents for any information that could aid the investigation, including surveillance footage from Ring Cameras or other sources capturing activity in the area. Those with relevant information were urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 419-289-3911.


Jeromesville Mayor Randy Spade expressed concern for the affected businesses, emphasizing the impact on the local community. "These are small business owners," Mayor Spade stated, "and it's disheartening to see them targeted." He also expressed disappointment at the lack of respect shown towards the American Legion, an institution serving veterans.


As authorities continue their investigation, residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. The incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of community cooperation in maintaining the safety and security of Jeromesville.


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