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Is Ohio Governor DeWine Just Making Excuses for Issuing Reprieves Blaming Drug Supplies

Timothy L. Hoffner

Today, Governor DeWine of Ohio has once again issued a reprieve, this time for Timothy L. Hoffner. Hoffner was scheduled to be executed on June 18, 2024, but his execution date has now been moved to July 14, 2027. The reprieve comes after a similar action taken Oct 13 2023 by Governor DeWine for another inmate, Archie J. Dixon, who was previously sentenced to death for his involvement in a brutal murder.


Governor DeWine's reprieve


Governor DeWine's claims his decision to issue a reprieve to Archie J. Dixon, and now to Timothy L. Hoffner, stems from the ongoing challenges faced by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) in obtaining the necessary drugs for executions. According to Governor DeWine, pharmaceutical suppliers have been reluctant to provide drugs to the DRC, citing concerns about the safety of Ohioans.


The struggle with pharmaceutical suppliers


The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) protocol requires specific drugs for executions. However, securing these drugs has become increasingly difficult. Pharmaceutical suppliers are hesitant to provide the necessary drugs for execution, fearing backlash from the public and potential damage to their reputation. This unwillingness to supply the drugs has created a roadblock for the DRC, leading to reprieves being issued by Governor DeWine or so he says.


The impact on victims' families


The ongoing struggle to obtain the necessary drugs for executions not only affects the justice system but also has a profound impact on the families of the victims. The families of the victims have been waiting for justice to be served for years, only to face delays and uncertainty due to these ongoing issues. The emotional toll on the families cannot be understated, as they are forced to relive the trauma of their loved ones' murder with each reprieve.


The Murder of Christopher Hammer


The story behind the brutal murder of Christopher Hammer is one that shocks the conscience.


According to My Crime Library, Hammer was a friend and former housemate of Archie J. Dixon. On September 22, 1993, Dixon and his partner, Timothy Hoffner, brutally beat Hammer, tied him to a bed, and stole his wallet and car. The duo then drove Hammer to a remote area, where they buried him alive in a shallow grave, leaving him to die a horrific death.


Archie J. Dixon

Dixon was subsequently convicted of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, and kidnapping of Hammer, and was sentenced to death. His partner Hoffner received the same sentence. However, Governor DeWine later issued a reprieve to Dixon, citing the ongoing challenges in acquiring the necessary drugs for executions as the reason.


Read about the Crime here.



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