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How Divine Providence saved the American Revolution

Witnessing History at Genesis Christian Academy

Imagine stepping back in time and witnessing a pivotal moment in history firsthand. That's exactly what students at Genesis Christian Academy in Ashland, Ohio had the opportunity to do when Kenneth Hammontree, a history teacher at the academy, portrayed General George Washington and Mrs. Washington portrayed by Raylene Hlavaty share how Divine Providence saved the American Revolution, in “Crossing the Delaware River.”


How Divine Providence saved the American Revolution


Six months after the Declaration of Independence was brought before the world, the American Revolution was all but lost. A powerful British force had destroyed 90 percent of Washington’s army. What was left was driven across the New Jersey lands and the Delaware River. Panic and despair began to spread through the thirteen colonies. Washington realized that his options were all but gone and the American Revolution would be over by the new year of 1777.


The British and their mercenary allies the Germans had spread their troops across New Jersey in a series of garrisons for the winter which angered the area farmers and the local towns people. Together they rose up against the garrisons and began to harass them. Washington saw his opportunity to do something in saving his small army and the revolution. Having learned of General Howe’s chain of military garrisons after December 13, Washington was encouraged to strike one of them, finally settling on Trenton.


Washington came up with an insane plan that even his officers considered a suicidal mission. His small army of under 5,000 men, and boys (some as young as 14) would cross the wide Delaware river on Christmas day evening and march eight miles in a surprise attack the next morning on December 26, destroying the German/British troops stationed in Trenton. It was indeed a desperate gamble involving a momentous risk, and it failed all would be over for the American Revolution. Washington’s first concern was to protect the secrecy of the operation and gave it the code name “Victory or Death”. Not even his troops were aware when they lined up along the Delaware River where they were heading.


Cold, wet and miserable, the army landed on a frozen patch of New Jersey pasture land and regrouped. Nobody would have any trouble tracking the path of the Americans because of the blood from many of their feet left a clear trail in the fresh fallen snow. The attack on Trenton began at 0800 hours on December 26, 1776, and in less than two hours Washington’s small rag-tag army won a major victory and saved the American Revolution. The victory ranks as one of the great military feats of all time. Frederick the Great of Prussia call the crossing and the attack “the most brilliant in the world’s military history.” It was truly a Divine miracle and a Christmas to remember.


Raylene Hlavaty who also portrayed other women in history like Margaret J. Preston, Fanny Crosby, Abigail Adams, Jennie Wade, and Beatrix Potter. Raylene's dedication to bringing history to life for the students at Genesis Christian Academy is truly remarkable.


In conclusion, witnessing history at Genesis Christian Academy is an experience like no other. Through immersive reenactments and passionate portrayals by a dedicated teacher like Kenneth Hammontree and historian like Raylene Hlavaty, students have the opportunity to step back in time and gain a deeper understanding of the events that shaped our nation. By bringing history to life in such a unique and engaging way, Genesis Christian Academy is truly making a difference in the education of its students.


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