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Honoring Our Heroes: Highlights from the Mayor's 5th Annual Veterans Day Breakfast

As dawn broke this morning, a sense of adventure filled the air at the Ashland Eagles Club in Ohio. The 5th annual Mayor's Veterans Day Breakfast was about to begin, and excitement radiated from the Mayor, his Wife, State Representative Melanie Miller, volunteers, Mayor's staff, Ashland City Council, and the American Heritage Girls Troop OH2517.

They were all gathered to provide a heartfelt and free breakfast to Ashland's veterans.

With each veteran that walked through the doors, the American Heritage Girls Troop OH2517 erupted into a booming cheer, welcoming them with signs that only they created.

Shawna Hahn, the Troop Coordinator, expressed the girls' immense joy in honoring the veterans and being a part of the welcoming crew year after year, stating, "Our service members need to know that the sacrifices they've made were worth it."

The vibrant energy of the American Heritage Girls was infectious, and they loved seeing the expressions on the veterans' faces when they walked through the door. There was a shared happiness in the air, as these young girls made it their mission to put a smile on every veteran's face.

Bella Kochheiser, an AHG Pioneer, summed it up beautifully, saying, "We love making people smile." McKenna Bennett, an AHG Explorer, expressed her gratitude for the service members who have protected their freedom, enabling them to live a life of liberty.

The veterans couldn't help but respond with big smiles and praise, overwhelmed by the warm welcome they received.

The Mayor and his wife personally greeted each and every veteran with a handshake, while Melanie Miller, State Representative, took the time to personally pin an Iwo Jima pin on each member.

“It is such an honor to be able to host these individuals who have sacrificed so much for our great country,” said State Representative Melanie Miller. “I always enjoy greeting everyone and hearing the stories about where they served and what they experienced during their time the service.”

“We are so thankful for each and every veteran who has served our great country over the years in the U.S. Military and Coast Guard,” said Mayor Matt Miller. “This breakfast is just a small way for us to show our appreciation to these individuals who have made immeasurable sacrifices to secure our freedom. One of the best parts about living in Ashland County is we are a patriotic community.”

Mayor Matt Miller concluded with, “Thank you to everyone who helped sponsor today’s event—and for all of our city council members and Mayor’s Office staff members who helped coordinate and assist with this important event.”

This extraordinary breakfast truly exemplified the spirit of adventure, gratitude, and warmth that Ashland, Ohio, aims to offer its much-deserving veterans on this special day.


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