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Family of Domestic Violence Victim Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Funding Medical Expenses

The family of Dawn Boucher has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to aid with the substantial medical expenses incurred after she became the victim of a tragic incident of domestic gun violence. On April 1, 2024, Dawn Boucher suffered life-threatening injuries when she was shot through the cheek and neck by her husband, Joshua Boucher.


The latest update on the GoFundMe page, provided by Dawn's mother, Teresa, reveals the grim reality of her condition. Dawn endured a grueling 12-hour surgery, and there is now a significant probability that she will be left quadriplegic due to the severity of her injuries.


Dawn Boucher, a dedicated mother of two, Dylan, 25, and Gabbie, 17, is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in mental health care. Described as devoted to her career and a cherished colleague, Dawn also finds solace in caring for animals on her property, including horses and puppies. Her commitment to helping others underscores her selfless nature and unwavering compassion.


The sudden and traumatic nature of the incident has placed immense strain on Dawn's children, exacerbating their emotional and financial burdens. With the prospect of mounting medical bills, loss of income, and other household expenses, the family is reaching out for support from the community during this challenging time.


The GoFundMe campaign aims to alleviate the financial strain on the Boucher family by covering medical expenses, household bills, and additional needs that may arise, especially concerning transportation and groceries for Dawn's children. As Dawn starts on the journey of healing and adjusts to her new reality, the family anticipates numerous challenges ahead.


In the face of adversity, any contribution to the GoFundMe campaign will be deeply appreciated by the Boucher family, offering a lifeline of support during their time of need. To donate and stand in solidarity with Dawn Boucher and her loved ones, please visit the GoFundMe Page


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