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Dogs are Some of Life’s Greatest Teachers



Dogs bring messages such as:  You are loved, you are not alone, you are protected and guided by a divine higher power and when you are lonely, I am here. Those who can accept the gift of a dog are taught by some of life’s wisest teachers.


Let me give you a few examples:


Joseph follows me everywhere. Is he worried about me, or does he find me endlessly fascinating?


If I laugh, Joy joins in on my laughter with loud barks as she climbs up my body to give me wet kisses.


When I was recovering from surgery, Grace was beside me every minute while being very careful not to put any weight on my bandages.


When I come home, all three pups run to greet me like I’ve been gone for a year.


Then there was rescued Pete, who specialized in high spirited destruction, joyful escape from the yard, and compassionate friendship.


Mary taught a sixty-something woman how to handle middle age gracefully and cheerfully.


And then there was Jeff, who would be silent, sit close, and nuzzle me if I was having a bad day.

Finally, there was Jesse who would never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride in my truck.


Advice to all dog owners:  put your feet up, sip your favorite beverage and get into a playful mood and let your dogs show you how your life can be much more fun!



Dianne Hammontree, secretary of Homeward Bound, Inc


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