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Disturbing Discovery: 911 Caller Stumbles Upon a Dead Body on 9th Street

Yesterday, on February 4th, the day started out like any other, with a calm and chilly atmosphere. However, this tranquility was abruptly shattered when a 911 caller reported a disturbing discovery, a dead body.


Breaking through the stillness of the day, the caller exclaimed, "Hey, I just found a dead body!" In response to the dispatcher's request for more information, the caller provided the location, stating, "I'm on 9th St., East End of 9th Street. Yeah, all the way down almost to Cleveland Ave!"


When asked about the gender, the caller couldn't discern from the state of the remains, but speculated it could be a male based on the size.


This phone call triggered an immediate response from various law enforcement agencies, including Ashland Police Division Officers & Detectives, Ashland County Sheriff’s Office, Ashland EMS, Ashland County Corners Office, and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.


While answers are coming, only time will unveil the story behind the deceased's identity and the circumstances surrounding their demise.

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