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Culvert Being Replaced on Township Road 1275 has a Story Behind It

The culvert on Township Road 1275 near the intersection with State Route 89 has garnered attention after a harrowing incident that nearly claimed the lives of a father and son. On August 25th, 2023, Ashland County Sheriff's Office Deputies, along with the Polk-Jackson-Perry Fire Department & EMS, responded to a call around 5:16 am in the morning. The vehicle had entered a washed out culvert, and both occupants managed to escape with minor injuries. This incident highlighted the urgent need for the replacement of the culvert.

The Role of Aber's Crane Service

To address this dangerous situation, Ashland County contracted Aber's Crane Service, a local Ashland Crane company, to assist in the replacement of the culvert. Aber's Crane Service, a small family-owned company that has been in Ashland for 73 years, became the chosen contractor for this critical task. Vice President Aaron Aber explained their involvement, stating, "Aber's Crane Service was contracted by Ashland County to assist in setting the new 36,000 lbs. box culverts with their Grove GMK 250-ton crane."

The Culvert Replacement Process

Replacing a culvert involves several intricate steps to ensure the safety and stability of the road infrastructure. For the Township Road 1275 culvert, seven sections of the 36,000 lbs. box culverts will be utilized. These box culverts will be situated in the creek's bed, acting as a bridge for vehicles to safely drive over. Aber's Crane Service will play a crucial role in this process by utilizing their Grove GMK 250-ton crane to lift and position the heavy culvert sections accurately.

Ensuring Structural Integrity

When setting the culverts, Aber's Crane Service has an additional tool at their disposal - a portable hydraulic puller. This hydraulic puller allows the concrete boxes to be securely and tightly connected, ensuring the structural integrity of the culvert system. This meticulous process is vital to prevent any future water-related incidents that could endanger motorists' lives.

The Significance of Aber's Crane Service

Aber's Crane Service's involvement in this culvert replacement project highlights the importance of local businesses and their contributions to the community. As a small, family-owned company that has been serving Ashland for over seven decades, Aber's Crane Service has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner in the construction and infrastructure industry. Their ability to handle complex tasks, such as replacing a culvert, showcases their expertise and dedication to ensuring the safety and welfare of Ashland's residents.


The replacement of the culvert on Township Road 1275 near the intersection with State Route 89 holds a significant story behind it. The near-tragic incident involving a father and son served as a wake-up call, emphasizing the urgent need for improved road infrastructure. Thanks to the prompt response of the Ashland County Sheriff's Office Deputies and the Polk-Jackson-Perry Fire Department & EMS, the lives of the occupants were saved. Aber's Crane Service, through their expertise and specialized equipment, has been entrusted with the critical task of replacing the culvert and ensuring the safety of future motorists. As the project progresses, Ashland County can look forward to the completion of a safer and more reliable roadway system on Township Road 1275.

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