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Collaborative Efforts of Ohio State Highway Patrol and Michigan State Police

Ohio State Highway Patrol and Michigan State Police teaming up to sideline impaired driving during The Game

OHIO/MICHIGAN STATE LINE - The Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Michigan State Police are teaming up to sideline impaired driving during The Game on Saturday. There is definitely a rivalry between the two states when it comes to Big Ten football, but there is no rivalry when it comes to removing impaired drivers from our roadways.

In an effort to reduce fatal and injury crashes and to help keep the roadways safe this Saturday, troopers from both states will be cracking down on impaired drivers.

"The most effective way to keep this weekend safe on Ohio and Michigan roads is for all motorists to make safety-conscious decisions,” said Colonel Charles A. Jones, Ohio State Highway Patrol superintendent. “Regardless of whether you are rooting for the team in Scarlet and Gray, or Maize and Blue, the keys to safe driving, like so many things, can be a habit.

Simple practices like obeying posted speed limits, ensuring everyone is buckled up, and designating a driver can mean everyone can enjoy The Game safely and responsibly.”

Whether you are heading to Ann Arbor this weekend, or hosting a party, Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk. Make sure everyone has a safe and sober way to and from their destination, and do not serve alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age.

“Getting behind the wheel impaired is a choice and it’s the wrong one,” said Colonel James F. Grady II, director of the Michigan State Police. “Protect yourself and others on the road by avoiding distractions, wearing your seatbelt and only driving sober.”

No matter which team wins, you can be on the winning team by designating a sober driver.

Motorists are encouraged to dial #677 in Ohio or 911 in either state to report impaired drivers.

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