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Col. Robert Springer Visit’s Ashland County Historical Society

On Friday, March 24th, the Ashland County Historical Society happily welcomed Col. Robert Springer back to the museum. We are incredibly grateful for Col. Springer’s generous donation of his memorabilia to our museum. These items will be treasured and displayed with great pride to our community.

We are so lucky to have an individual such as Col. Springer, who continues to care so deeply about his hometown. He is a decorated Vietnam War Veteran and has experienced life as a Navy Test Pilot and NASA astronaut. His spectacular career features 4,500 hours of flying time and 237 hours in space. Col. Springer is a hometown hero in Ashland, as his example of stewardship and service during his military years, his innovation and resourcefulness throughout his NASA career, and his integrity throughout his lifetime serves as inspiration to anyone who visits us to see and hear his life story.

Not only did Col. Springer spend precious time with the Ashland County Historical Society dedicating his exhibit with a ribbon cutting ceremony, but he also spoke at the Fraternal Order of Eagles on March 25th about his time flying F4 Phantom fighter jets and Huey helicopters over Vietnam.


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