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Christmas Puppies


Christmas Puppies

Thinking of getting a puppy this Christmas? You ask if there will be tons of early morning potty breaks and feedings? Yes. Will a puppy change your life? Yes. Will it take a while to figure each other out? Yes. This includes what you will both need, and what you will need to work on. Then it will just sort of click.

It doesn’t matter how much more complicated your life will be because of your pup. All you need to remember is how much richer your life will be with your puppy in it, and that he will be the best kind of distraction. Remember, it’s not always about learning—it’s a feeling. It’s about your bond. It’s amazing how fulfilled and happy you will be when your pups are happy and joyful. That is why I feel so blessed because I get to be with dogs every day.

I have always wanted to fix things, even when I was little. When I started training pups and helping their humans get ready for therapy dog testing, and when I saw how pups changed people’s lives, I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else. Keeping my puppy business small and intimate is where happiness begins.

This Christmas and in the coming months, consider these breeds when choosing the breed that best fits your family’s needs:

Jack Russell: He will consume one and one-half times his weight in human patience.

Bulldog: He will display that typically English characteristic for which there is no English name.

Poodle: He will act as if he has won first prize in the lottery of life.

Spaniel: He will have a way of getting the answer “yes,” without ever having posed any clear question.

Shih Tzu: He is happy, happy, happy and playful every minute of every day.

Afghan: He knows two things; first, he is not very smart and second, it doesn’t matter.

Lhasa Apso: He will look into your soul and let you know that everything will be ok.

Golden Retriever: He is not a dog, but a form of providing relief from strong or repressed emotions.

Whether you rescue or purchase a pup, know that your life will never be the same again!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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