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Car Versus Amish Buggy on State Route 96

Ohio Highway Patrol, and Ashland Fire Department & EMS responded to a car versus Amish Buggy accident on State Route 96, around 6:07pm this evening.

Melvin Miller, and his young child were headed Eastbound in their buggy, on State Route 96, just East of Ashland County Road 1353, pulling a manure spreader, when they were struck from the rear.

John Smith, 75, of Ashland, was driving a 2007 Chevy Impala Eastbound on State Route 96, when he struck an Amish Buggy towing a manure spreader.

The impact ejected Melvin Miller and his son, with the manure spreader running over Melvin. Both were transported to University Hospital Samaritan Medical Center, with Non-Life-Threatening injuries.

Both John Smith and his passenger reported no injuries. Smith was cited with ACDA.

The horse received minor injuries, after being struck, it ran up the road and into another Amish residence, where it was checked out and placed in a stall.


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