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Buckeye Music Spotlight: Dawson Stepp Shines with Whiskey Myers Cover


In the first episode of Buckeye Music Spotlight, the spotlight falls on Dawson Stepp, a 20-year-old guitarist and singer hailing from Ashland, Ohio. Known for his impressive musical talents and captivating performances, Dawson has been making waves in the local music scene and beyond.


Dawson's journey into the world of music began at the tender age of 4 when he unwrapped an electric guitar on Christmas morning. From that moment on, he was hooked. Although he started with lessons, Dawson's natural talent and dedication led him to largely teach himself, learning by ear and studying videos of his musical idols.


Throughout his teenage years, Dawson honed his skills by attending jam nights in his area, jamming with seasoned musicians, and immersing himself in the rich musical culture of Ohio. His hard work paid off when, as a high school senior, he landed the coveted role of lead guitarist for country music artist Brent Lowry.


This role opened doors for Dawson, allowing him to share the stage with renowned acts such as Scotty McCreery, Sean Stemaly, David Adam Byrnes, and Dillon Carmichael. His talent even caught the attention of Southern Rock band Them Dirty Roses, who invited him to join them on stage after seeing a video of him covering one of their songs.


Dawson's star continued to rise when he caught the eye of The Steel Woods, who invited him for a meet and greet during their tour stop in Cincinnati. This remarkable feat was achieved before Dawson even graduated high school, underscoring his prodigious talent and dedication to his craft.


In 2023, Dawson seized another opportunity, becoming the lead guitarist for country music artist Tim Oliver from Columbus, Ohio. As a member of Tim Oliver's band, Dawson has shared the stage with notable artists like Ray Scott, Tigirlily Gold, and Colt Ford.


The dynamic duo of Tim and Dawson recently embarked on a trip to Nashville to perform and record a new single, signaling their aspirations to make a mark on the country music scene. With plans to relocate to Nashville this Spring, Dawson and Tim are poised to take their careers to new heights.


With his remarkable journey and boundless talent, Dawson Stepp is undoubtedly a rising star to watch. Be sure to follow Tim and Dawson for updates on their latest endeavors and upcoming releases. Don't miss out on witnessing the ascent of this young musical prodigy – subscribe to Buckeye Music Spotlight today.


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