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Bomb Threat at the Mohican Young Star Academy

Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad, ODNR Rangers, along with Loudonville Fire Department & EMS responded to the Mohican Young Star Academy, at 1012 ODNR, Mohican 51, in Perrysville yesterday, around 1:30pm for a Bomb Threat.

The building was evacuated, and Loudonville Fire Department & EMS were staged at the fire tower.

Mohican Young Star Academy staff advised of a juvenile male, who claimed to make a homemade bomb, which he said that he put in the heater in the main building.

The Sheriff’s Office report said that the juvenile male screwed the bottom off the heater, and placed it inside the heater, and he was very specific on where and how he did it.

A Bomb Squad Technician inspected the heater and advised that the heater was tampered with, but no device was found.

Reports are being sent to the Prosecutor’s Office to see if charges are warranted.


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